Frequently Asked Questions.

As the camp registration and enrollment activity increases, there have been some great questions by families.  


Where is the location of the camp, is it on St. Francis of Assisi property, in the EDP room?

Yes, the camps will be located on St. Francis, the same area that EDP currently is operating in.

I understand that when I sign up my children I must specify which weeks they will be attending. We do not have our vacation planned out yet. How should I go about it? Should I book the whole summer and then just tell you once we figure out our vacation? Is there a fee associated with withdrawing from certain weeks that we already selected?

Registration does not close unless the weekly camp becomes full. However, registration cost increases with a $30.00 late fee a week before each camp starts.  For example, if you would like to register for the week of July 18th - 22nd 2016, you will need to fill out the registration form and pay for that weekly camp before 7AM on Monday July 11th, 2016, in order to avoid the late fee.   

Once you pay the weekly camp fee, it guarantees your child a spot for the camp(s) you selected.  If you do not complete the payment of the registration process, it will not guarantee your child a spot. 

We do not have a fee associated with withdrawing because once you pay it holds the spot, and we currently do not offer refunds.  Please wait until you know which dates you will attend before paying, but you can fill out the registration form and select the estimated weeks you were thinking if you wish.

I understand that each week there will be a field trip. do those take place on the same day each week?

Field trips can vary day depending on the week and the scheduled activities. The details for the field trips will be posted on the Weekly Schedule and Activities page. 

What is the latest I can drop off my children?

There is not a time frame in which you must drop off your child, other than on designated field trip days, so that you will be at camp before our bus leaves.  Tentatively, on field trip days MKCCamps would like parents to drop children off no later than 9:30 AM, but that is TBD.

If I drop off my child at 7:00 am, can they eat breakfast, what time is the first snack?

Snack is tentatively planned to occur between 9-9:30 AM.  If you would like to pack a breakfast for your child to eat before the first snack, there will be time for your child eat breakfast between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. 

Will you have the kids in separate classrooms according to their age/grade level? If so, how big will those classrooms be?

The children will all be participating in activities and curriculum in the same facility, but those activities will be age appropriate.  Each weekly camp will have a maximum of 50 campers.   

Who are the caregivers? Are they Millennium employees? How many kids to an adult ratio?

The caregivers are Millennium Kids Creative Camp employees.  Rosalyn Rombauer is the Director of MKCCamps.  An Assistant Director and Camp Counselors will also be staffed to operate our weekly camps.  The ratio we follow is 15 children to 1 adult at a time.